---- A Note From Gilles ----

When we started putting line up ideas together for this upcoming We Out Here, every time I started thinking about it….. memories of last year’s event came pouring in and I’d smile immediately….Wow. That vibe though!
It really was a dream come true for me to take part in putting an event such as that on. When we first set out I wasn’t sure whether the UK needed another festival, but We Out Here was unlike any UK festival I have seen in many years. The sheer amount of music…. the discovery of new music, the variety, the setting…. the crowd.
The sense of community last year was something else. Independent labels and club nights from all over the place who all champion music with soul, the music we all care about. Big love to those promoters flying the flag in cities across the Uk and rest of the globe, keeping interesting music alive, it’s these individuals and groups of people that give much needed nourishment to local scenes but also create a web of community across the globe.
It was great to have so many of these promoters playing records in the record store tent last year. I’ve never been digging for records in a field before, but it really worked! Flicking through boxes of records has always helped ease me in to a day and the selection in there was just fantastic. It also turned into a proper party as the day rolled on. We’ll definitely be having more of this again in August.
I just can’t wait to get back for more. We’re keeping things small and intimate with a return of all of the elements that made last year so special – Brawnswood, Love Dancin’, Lemon Lounge, Another Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls, all fantastic. We have a small list of tweaks and some exciting additions to make for next year, but the general positivity, good nature and ambience of the event was out of this world.
The more music I collect and search out the more I realise that it’s impossible to know about everything, but finding and sharing music is one of the most satisfying things you can do. . . . . . . Sharing 4 days and nights with people equally passionate about the musical world we love and live, that is really life affirming.
Anyway. . . . . . back to the line up. Last summer Gary Bartz on the main stage accompanied by Maisha, Zara, Dwight & Saul made hairs stand on end. For 2020 we are overjoyed to welcome the absolute legend that is Archie Shepp, who will be performing with a big band and some special guest vocals. Doubling down on the Jazz Legends we also have another of my absolute favourites to add to the line up. . . . more news on that in the weeks to come.
To close the main stage one evening I can’t wait to welcome techno royalty Underground Resistance featuring Mad Mike Banks who will be performing live what they like to refer to as their ‘high-tech jazz” show. It’s pretty thumping.
In Collaboration with Night Dreamer records we have a very special showcase, including the amazing Turkish psyc/folk/funk/electronic acts Baba Zula & Island Man alongside the legendary Turkish female vocalist Selda.
Having just completed a week of recordings for the Worldwide Awards, it’s a pleasure to announce that a number of the winners and those who were shortlisted for awards will be joining us at this years festival. Best album winners Ezra Collective were unable to join us in 2019 so it’s great to have them play peak time main stage this year. Breakthrough artist Greantea Peng, best live session Ashley Henry & Label of the Year International Anthem are all going to be joining us on the main stage throughout the weekend.
I know that promoters always bang on that the sound is going to be great at their shows but I was astounded by the systems we had in place, everywhere was crystal clear and decent levels. We’re utilising the same crew again and Danley systems so it should be just as good.
The Forest, Woodland and Rhythm Corner were great night time spaces to dance, great sound and great selectors. We’re thrilled to have Mr Scruff back again & this time we welcome Floating Points – Sam is going to play for us all night long on the Friday. Josey Rebelle – one of the hardest working and talented DJ’s around, we had to bring her back this year, we’re going to give her a special set somewhere. We’ll have some bruk business again for sure, some drum and bass legends, some garage, some bass and 140, some chugging slow house and plenty of music from across the globe.
I could write reams. There’s so many great acts. . . . . . . . another voyage of discovery. You can check the first announcement in full by clicking through to the website, we’ll be adding more to it in the weeks to come.
Thank you again everyone who came last year. . . . . I can’t wait to share it all again with you in August!