Marcia Carr

Marcia Carr

Marcia Carr is a seasoned club DJ and radio presenter. She's the producer of Everything Good (Rinsefm), the curator and director of the all-vinyl, female DJ squad Girlz B Like, producer of video series 2 Decks And A Mixer and occasionally makes tunes.

Known well among her industry peers, Marcia Carr is an international vinyl aficionado; she is the DJs DJ with more than thirty six years of loyal passion behind her. She's played many of London's hotspots, she has been featured around the world on bills alongside many big names of the scene.

As a former street/jazz dancer she knows how to work up crowds internationally - from festivals to nightclubs, be it DJ'ing in a castle down to a minuscule horse-box - taking audiences on a musical journey that nearly always veers off into sheer eclecticism of sounds.

Her club DJ sets of deeper, soulful, jazzy style encompassing tech house, Afro, gospel house, disco, broken beat, nu jazz and dubstep have also featured on air of a variety of radio stations as far flung as Singapore and Sri Lanka to a host of European neighbours - Estonia, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, Scotland - to Mi-Soul radio, and venues like the Ministry Of Sound radio, alongside the likes of Bob Sinclair, MAW and David Morales. Invitations to spin around the world have continued to find favour and appreciation for Marcia gaining new fans everywhere she goes.