Moona Wellness Hub

Moona Wellness Hub

Potions and Spells - (Age 5 +)

A workshop where children and young people work with natural materials such as flowers,herbs, fruit and resin to create a himalayan salt ‘potion’ necklace to take from the festival. The workshop is centred around healing qualities of nature centred around a spell made with the Moona team.

Confidence and Coping Mechanisms Zine - (Age 10 - 18) 

A workshop designed to help young people tap into different elements of confidence, understand what confidence is and how it can aid anxiety while exploring different mechanisms that can help calm the mind. Resulting in the young people making a 6 page zine using collage and other creative materials to take a creative sentiment home to remind them. Guided through each activity by the Moona Team.

Rainbow Childrens Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness Session - (Age 5 +)

Gigi is a Rainbow Childrens Yoga qualified facilitator. Gigi will run an hour yoga, breathwork and mindfulness session in the Moona Wellness Hub. The sessions focus on channel elements of storytelling and nature focus, fun and family friendly.