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Open Studio - The Carousel

The Carousel comes to WOH bringing some studio favourites along with it! With events running throughout the festival come along and take part in The Carousel creative exercises and get inspired, messy and artistic this festival!

Still Life Illustration & Print Exhibition. Led by Zena Kay. 

Learn about still life drawing and create work for WOH’s very own exhibition. Zena Kay will curate different drawing exercises and couple the workshop with an alternative print class the results of which will be exhibited in The Carousel tent over the duration of the festival. 

  1. Graces Faces Sculpture Trail. Led by Grace Barnes. 

Face maker Grace Barnes will be building a series of sculptures over the site. Workshop activities will see participants go to each of the sculptures and have a go at painting on the installations allowing the activity to be interactive and personal to the people of WOH. Participant will also be able to make their own mini-sculpture to take home! 

  1. Build a Den! Led by Benjamin Kay of Dizzy Ink. 

This two part workshop will see The Carousel building a geodesic dome alongside festival goers. Participants will then screen print their own cover for the dome collaboratively! The dome will house the screen printed work and also become an interactive installation which under different RGB lights will change colour! 

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